Rick's Java JacketSo, I needed a good gift for my brother-in-laws birthday. But what do you make for someone who has everything? How about a java jacket. I went retro and stitched up a java jacket/beer cozy. This way he isn’t throwing out a piece of cardboard every morning. Yep… let’s reuse people!  I just sandwiched two pieces of felt together with some insulated batting, blanket stitched around the edges to hold it together. In hind sight I would have made my stitched smaller, but I think the result was fun and worked well.   Java JAcket Close up I embroidered a cassette tape.. haha… remember those? Ahhhhh… the good old days:) It’s held together by some hook and loop tape (velcro). This helps to make it adjustable.         javaJava Jacket Java Jacket by morning… Beer cozy by night! The best of both worlds! I made mine by making a pattern from an exisiting cardboard java jacket from a coffee shop. Which is what I suggest doing. That way it is a perfect fit. There is a TUTORIAL here if you need/want one on Flickr:

Java Jacket Tutorial

Happy Stitching!


Little Bunny FooFoo

Hoppping through the forest…

Hiding plastic eggs on his little pink belly…

This little guy will soon be accompanied by several little friends in an early attempt at this year’s Easter preparations. He holds a plastic egg for filling. This was so fast and super easy to do! I think the kids will love em! I can’t wait to see tthe look on thier faces when they find these little guys hiding around the house.

The pattern is easy to follow. I did change my ears to be something that I thought was easier (for me). ch 5, sc in 2nd ch from hook and all the way down to end. Then I  just sc all the way around until I was happy with the shape. I think they turned out fine.

The designer, Betty Waldbieser, also sells pattern books that are super cute!

I used this pattern (which I found through crochet pattern central)

Crochet for Kids

New Crochet Projects

A couple of new crochet projects…

Some new mary janes for Maggie. The shape isn’t quite right on one of each set. I’ll have to keep trying. They are super quick to whip up. I’ll try and figure out where I found this pattern and post it.

Here are some other links to Free crocheted baby bootie patterns:

 This is a huge collection of patterns on one of my favorite sites. They have a pattern for just about everything crochet. And they are organized very well.

Crochet Pattern Central

These are super cute booties with a button closure from New Thing Crochet.

Mary Jane Pattern

Crocheted Baby Sneakers

Baby Sneakers Pattern

These little sneaker are really cute and the above link has an easy to follow tutorial.

Summer’s coming, crochet your little one a pair of these super easy and cute sandals.

Baby Sandals Pattern

Baby booties are a  great way to use up left over yarn. It whipped these up while being held prisoner to the couch by my very finiky sleeping newborn. If you have any other patterns you like. Just comment me and I’d love to post them.

What!? You don’t crochet but want to support handmade. Hurray for you!

Here are some of my favorite Etsy crocheted baby bootie finds:

Baby High Top Sneaker  Booties Size 0-6 Chocolate Brown On Sale

Krafty Lady Kreations has these adorable booties for sale. You can support handmade by buying them from her here:

Krafty Lady Booties on Etsy

Looking for the perfect Easter Shoe?

teenywahine  has got em at:

Teenywahine on Etsy

This particular pattern stays on really well. And Look how cute!RED VALENTINE MARY JANE BOOTIES FOR BABYS - SIZE 0-6 MONTHS - ON SALE

Find them on etsy here:

Valentine Mary Janes

Frogs? Yes!


The Baby Galleria has them here on etsy:

The Baby Galleria on Etsy




maggie's hand

It’s the little things that  matter most….

Meet Molly


Molly, Molly… so sweet and lovely, t’was bittersweet to see you go. Stitched up out of love and a little vintage fabric… some modern trims, she really got my heart.

I stitched up this pattern: Black Apple Doll

To make this doll for my sister-in-law to give to her niece (thanks Kate for supporting handmade!). I think she probably made a little girl very happy!

An Emily Martin original, the Black Apple Doll.

Thanks Emily, I’ve used this pattern to spread joy several times now.

I hope you do too!

Refashion Passion

So I must admit, I am addicted to blogs. Crafty art blogs, can’t get enough. They inspire and motivate me.  And mostly, trap me at my computer greedily searching for more. My love affair with these blogs runs deep and now, I think I’ll share some of my favorite finds with you. All of which fall in the category of refashion.

 Chances are if you are reading this, you too share my obsession. So here’s a little candy for you. Enjoy!

And oh  yah, many thanks to the artists who’s ideas I am about to share!

Repurposing an old t-shirt

on this blog they turned an old tshirt into a pair of really aewsome pants.

T-shirt Surgery

I found this tutorial via This Mama Makes Stuff’s blog (yum!)

All kinds of great ideas here!

This Mama Makes Stuff

Wardrobe Refashion

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for you creative genius and willingness to share! This blog rocks!

Wardrobe ReFashion

I love Instructables! It’s too bad I didn’t see this one when I was prego.

Maternity jeans from old jeans and a tshirt! Wonderful!!

Maternity Jeans from Regular Jeans

Old Sweater? New Tote!




Great tutorial from Cindy Gert: Cute Bag Tutorial

And best of all, she’s in my hometown (well, the town I grew up in).

Men’s shrit? New skirt!












Great Pics in this easy tutorial.

Thanks to label-free: Men’s Shirt Refashion

Stitch lounge has great tutorials for modern re-purposing!

Stitch Lounge

draped neck top made from a vintage muumuu

Turn a muumuu into a drape neck top thanks to stitch lounge’s tutoiral!

Big t? Gathered Yoke Top!

Restyle a T-shirt into yoke top


Cute right? See how this can become addicting?

I found it through: T-shirt Refashion

A nice little blog worth checking out! Good toddler legging tut!

Seven ways to reuse an old T shirt


Check out all seven here:

7 Things to with an old T-shirt







Well peeps, hope this will keep ya busy a while. I feel I should try and create something now… Enjoy.

A Little Lamb

So I got the pattern on Pattern Bee’s site http://www.patternbee.com/FREELAMBKIN.html (thanks pattern bee!) and made my own version for little Maggie’s room. I left a little room for improvement.